What is Turkish Tea Called?

The Obvious Answer

The answer may be simpler than you may imagine. Spoiler alert: Turkish Tea is called Turkish Tea.

Of course, the reason you clicked on this article was to find out more than that, and that’s why we’ll investigate the possible answers to this question of yours. So here we go.

Turkish Word For Turkish Tea

In Turkey, “Turkish Tea” as we know it is simply referred to as “çay.” While this means “tea” in Turkish, anyone living in Turkey will assume that it is referring to the traditional Turkish tea. This is because unlike many other countries, Turkey has a very defined tea-culture. Tea is almost always black tea, and it is almost always drank in Turkish teacups:

Turkish Teacup next to a Simit
Turkish Teacup next to a Simit

Herbal teas are often consumed when people are sick, and green tea is also common for those on a diet. Other than these special occasions, it’s rare for the common Turk to drink any other tea.

Direct Translation of Turkish Tea in Turkish

Now, if you ever go to Turkey and you want some Turkish tea, you know saying “çay” (pronounced “chai”) will be sufficient. However, maybe you want the word-for-word direct translation of Turkish Tea. In that case, the awkward-sounding “Türk Çayı” is your answer. While I definitely do not advise using that word in any given situation that I can imagine, if that’s what you’re looking for, there it is.

Turkish Tea is Black Tea

In case you missed it earlier, and you want to know what type of tea Turkish tea is, it’s black tea. And with that, I have exhausted all the possible ideas behind the answer to this question: “What is Turkish Tea Called?”

I hope you found this article helpful, because if you didn’t, please do reach out to clarify your question; I’ll be very curious and happy to help!